Erasmus+ Course

Health and Emotional Education: Creating a positive and effective climate among learners (children, youths, adults)

Teachers/trainers/tutors of any specialization, as well as anyone who wants to expand their repertoire/knowledge of teaching techniques and ideas related to the development of daily healthy habits (exercise, healthy eating, connection to nature), personal development (emotional balance, stress management skills, etc.) and the general development of life skills of their learners, are invited to attend.

Participants will investigate how creating good living habits affects their lives, as well as how ideas and feelings affect behavior. They learn about activities that they can use in their classrooms to help students develop good habits and routines, as well as activities that help them build solid relationships (both among students and between teacher/trainer/tutor and students).

Participants will learn about the importance of creating healthy lifestyle habits, positive thinking, and reinforcement, self-esteem, active listening, offering feedback, problem-solving, democracy in decision-making, and conflict resolution through interactive activities. Teachers, trainers, and tutors will have increased confidence in their abilities to establish a pleasant and successful climate in their classrooms and make each day a memorable adventure.

The course will be based on the principles of Health and Emotional Education and will employ the most up-to-date pedagogical methods, with the goal of improving the quality of teaching and learning processes by providing a good model and examples of cultivating and improving healthy living and emotional balance. Participants will become familiar with activities that they can adopt to improve health and emotional education inside and outside the classroom setting through experiential activities and a variety of pedagogic strategies (e.g. lecture, field visits, workshops).

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