About Us

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work.

PNEVMA LLC is a research and educational organization located in Sofia, Bulgaria working in the field of education and specialized in the field of research and development.   Our enterprise is composed by a high quality team of experienced academics, researchers and practitioners with different educational background and professional experience committed at contributing to the implementation of large scale co-funded projects.

The aim of our organisation is to create a network of partnerships with organisations, institutions, training centers and youth centers active in the field of education and training. 

PNEVMA LLC provides Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 professional and academic trainings, and performs a range of seminars, courses and consulting services for Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers, Adult Centres and for various target groups learners (students, youths, teachers, policy makers, parents, adults)

Our Vision

To become an international reference point by fostering and developing an active involvement in the field of research and education.

Our Mission

To bring a new dimension to education through innovative teaching practices and professional development programs and to meet the needs of a complex and changing world for knowledge, new ideas, technology and information through leading-edge research.

Our Objectives


To empower students, young people, professionals and adults to reach their full potential in their personal, professional and social development.


To enable empowerment, awareness and full involvement among young people within our society.


To promote the engagement of young people in decision-making processes.


To foster a lifelong learning environment with creative and innovative thinking skills.


To create and increase a network of partners and contribute to a collaborate partnership success.


To systematically encourage social inclusion ( civil integration ) with the use of non-formal educational methods as a form of concrete citizen participation of minority groups.


To conduct cutting-edge research to lead in various educational fields and develop new academic fields.

Activities and experience
of the organisation

  • Training of youth workers and educators in theatre methodologies.
  • Empowering young people to change the world equipping them with various skills such as social and civic competence, the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.
  • Encouraging the young people to develop their potential and creativity.
  • Increasing our network of partners and contributing to their capacity.
  • Systematically encourage social entrepreneurship and social innovation as a form of active involvement of citizens in society.
  • Implement creative and innovative thinking as an integral part of lifelong learning.
  • To develop international and cross-sectoral cooperation for development of social innovations and entrepreneurship and active citizenship in the Republic of Croatia.
  • Promote and develop innovation and creativity as an integral part of the entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial climate.
  • Facilitate networking of different groups of people in order to strengthen collective entrepreneurial thinking and active citizenship thus develop new innovative ideas for the advancement of local communities and society as a whole.