Erasmus+ Course

Art and Environment 

Art and Environment is a course for anyone who wants to expand their teaching approaches and ideas, as well as anyone who wants to understand how to teach art in schools, VET centers, and adult education centers using the natural, social, and cultural environment.

The course will be based on creative practices and pedagogical approaches, with the goal of improving the quality of teaching and learning processes by utilizing the surroundings to encourage learners’ creativity and imagination.

Participants will cultivate creativity through a variety of art-related environmental activities. They will participate in first-hand experiences and incorporate the environment into their artwork, as well as develop their capacity to express themselves artistically using natural materials, tools, and techniques derived from natural resources. 

They gain increasing confidence in using natural, historic, and social surroundings in their artistic expressions, as well as a greater understanding of artists, artisans, and designers who have used the environment as a medium for artistic expression. Several outdoor experiential modules will be paired with lectures by educators, environmental, and art experts.

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